22 thoughts on “Five Months Traveling Around The World for Less than $37/Day!

  1. Hi Jared. Thanks for sharing the detailed breakdown of expenses for your 5 months trip. These are looking really good!

    My wife and I decided to sell everything to travel the world pretty much full time. And because we LOVE numbers, we are also tracking our spending. We looked at our expenses before/after we took on our nomad lifestyle and the results have been pretty good. We slashed our spending in half while rebalancinbg our spending towards activities that we enjoyed the most, living a less stressful life and having the time of our lives. If you are interested you can see our spending report here: https://www.nomadnumbers.com/2018-year-end-travel-spending-report/

    Looking forward to hearing more about your upcoming trip! For us after spending 2018 between Canada in Mexico, 2019 will be a mix of US, Europe and South East Asia.

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  2. Awesome post! I am so inspired by your travel expenses. It makes it seem so much more realistic to do a mini-retirement or travel long-term. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. Impressive post and numbers! That’s pretty well managed, and quite strategic, with all the travel points and airBnB discounts applied. We are doing a trip across South America since 2 months but are nowhere near your figures I think. SEA is a lot cheaper than South America that’s for sure :).

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    1. Travel points and Airbnb discounted gift cards were life savers as far as expenses are concerned. We are planning to travel around central and South America at some point in the next couple of years as well. I doubt it’s as cheap as SE Asia but I’ve heard wonderful things!

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