4 thoughts on “Around-The-World Trip Update and Expenses: Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. Luang Prabang is incredible. It was our favorite place in all Southeast Asia.
    I’m jealous of your slow travel approach, because our trip was a whirlwind. Did you look into other ways of booking your long term accommodation or did you just use AirBnb for convenience?

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    1. Hey Matt! Thanks for your comment! We liked Luang Prabang (check for our posts on that coming in the next couple days), but so far Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai have been our favorites! Slow travel has been awesome. I highly recommend it if you can make it work for a future trip. Makes things so much more relaxed! We just used Airbnb this time for convenience. But especially if we go back to Chiang Mai for at least a month again we would probably look into renting a short term lease (I already looked up some options while we were there!) ha. Thanks again for reading!


      1. So considering the inexpensive nature of Thailand, $40 for a gym membership is pretty expensive – although this is the number I’ve seen for gym memberships there. What do you get for the $40/month?

        Also, did you find other options for booking long term rentals that you would recommend exploring before relying on AirBNB? Did you find that you could have saved a lot more by going through another source of rentals? I know it’s a hot destination for slow travelers, so I assume the options are plentiful. I’m just wondering if there’s a convenience premium that comes with the use of AirBNB.

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      2. Yeah the $40 is more than I wanted to spend to be honest. We found a couple of other decent gyms in the area for around half that price but Whitney wanted to have a gym that offered exercise classes… Needless to say, her being happy was worth the extra cost :D. Besides the classes, the only real additional amenities, besides WiFi and A/C which not all the gyms had there, was the discounted rate at a really nice pool on the rooftop of the building. 50 baht per person instead of 100 baht.

        There were two main reasons we went with AirBnB. First, I got a bunch of gift cards for 20% off through a promotion that Amazon had so in reality, it only cost us $270 ($135 each) for 28 days there. The other reason was that we enjoy being able to read a bunch of reviews, especially in a foreign place where we didn’t know what to expect. With that being said, I think we could have found something similar for about $250 a month if we had booked outside of AirBnB so it would have been less but not significantly. There’s definitely a premium for month to month rentals there with all the ex-pats in the area compared to 6-12 month rentals.

        In the future AirBnB will probably still be our first choice but we are going to look at other options in the Nimman area as well.


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