5 thoughts on “3 Years of Sign-up Bonuses: $11,000+, 1,000,000 points, and 4 Free Nights

  1. What strategies do you have for reaching the minimum spending requirements to get rewards? That is usually the biggest roadblock for me in churning numerous cards. I do have several credit cards that I use for different categories of purchases (cash back). I’m thinking the next time I want to replace a higher priced item (such as laptop), I would get a new credit card for the purchase to help reach the spending requirement and in effect knock a chunk off the price.

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    1. I mainly just use the new card for everyday expenses and to prepay other expenses now. If I don’t have enough regular purchase then amazon or grocery store gift cards are always a good option since they are usually used pretty quickly. In the past I’ve also used different “manufactured spending” techniques such as buying and selling gift cards and loading visa gift cards onto prepaid debit cards. Worst case scenario, you can pay the 3% fee to send money using Venmo or PayPal to meet the spending requirement. 3% is usually a small fraction of the value of the bonus so still worth it.


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