3 thoughts on “Around-The-World Trip Update and Expenses: Hong Kong, China

  1. What a trip! I’ve enjoyed following along on your adventure. My husband and I were in Europe for 9 weeks this summer. We are also travel hackers and threw in a month at an amazing house sit in France with the use of the owner’s cars and a pool. 9 weeks came in close to $4,000 for both of us. Then, we received a settlement of more than $1,000 for a canceled flight, making it a steal. We posted all about our adventures on YouTube each day. Our money went far in Krakow and Budapest and I’d highly suggest both cities. We loved the experience so much, we’re selling our home and cars in a year and plan to travel full-time.

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    1. That sounds like an amazing 9 weeks especially for that cost! We’ll be adding Krakow and Budapest to the list 🙂

      Traveling full time would be awesome as long as you take some breaks occasionally and stay somewhere a little longer. We found that by the end of our 5 months we were ready to be done traveling for a while. We wouldn’t be able to do it full time but traveling for a couple months followed by settling in somewhere for a couple of months and then repeating would probably be something we could get on board with!


      1. We found the same thing! 10 cities in the first 5 weeks was too quick for us and we loved hanging out in one spot for a full month. We figure that we’ll find our groove on our travels but 3-6 weeks at a house sit or 1-month Airbnb, followed by a touristy week in between sounds like a nice balance. There’s some chance we’re in Europe all summer this year…we’d love to meet up if so! Planning to be at FinCon in DC over Labor Day so back for that.

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