Financial Independence Update- February 2023

After being home in Virginia all of January, we were back on the road again in February. At the beginning of the month we left on a 2.5 week road trip down to Key West. The main purpose of this trip was to visit Dry Tortugas National Park south of Key West. Along the way … Continue reading Financial Independence Update- February 2023

Financial Independence Update- January 2023

January was an awesome month. We spent a full month at home for the first time in almost two years which gave us an opportunity to get into more of a routine and get a lot of work done. Diet and exercise were our primary focus for the month, and Whitney and I both lost … Continue reading Financial Independence Update- January 2023

Financial Independence Update- December 2022

We finished up our trip around the world in December. The majority of the month was spent in American Samoa (where we visited our 60th national park) and New Zealand before making it back home just in time for Christmas. In New Zealand, we rented a car and drove all around the country for about … Continue reading Financial Independence Update- December 2022

Financial Independence Update- November 2022

We spent all of November traveling on our trip around the world. Although our most expensive long international trip, this one has been my favorite. I'll be writing about my total expenses once we get back home. I'm pretty sure I'll spend more in 9 weeks on this trip than in 5 months traveling around … Continue reading Financial Independence Update- November 2022

Financial Independence Update- October 2022

October was another really busy month for us. In terms of both traveling and business, 2022 has been our most busy year by far. There were a lot of states, national parks, and countries that we wanted to visit before settling down that got pushed back due to Covid, so 2022 has been the year … Continue reading Financial Independence Update- October 2022

Around the World (Again) in 2022!

2022 has been a whirlwind of travel! We started out the year with a few week road trip from Virginia to Florida and back. Then we spent 10 weeks traveling around Latin America. Almost immediately after returning from Latin America, we hit the road to Alaska where we spent the summer working part time and … Continue reading Around the World (Again) in 2022!

Financial Independence Update- September 2022

After a three week road trip from Alaska, we arrived back home in Virginia in September. The drive went pretty smoothly for how many miles were covered. Whitney wrote an article discussing everything we did on our road trips to and from Alaska and while in Alaska. You can read all about it here. My … Continue reading Financial Independence Update- September 2022

Our 4 Month Alaskan Adventure: Summary and Expenses

Whitney and I have wanted to take a road trip to Alaska and explore the state for several years now. In fact, for our very first travel physical therapy assignments, we almost accepted 6 month contracts in Anchorage, but ended up staying closer to home instead. The problem always was that it's very far away … Continue reading Our 4 Month Alaskan Adventure: Summary and Expenses

The Great Student Loan Pause and Its Impacts

It has now been over two years since the federal student loan pause began in March of 2020. After multiple extensions of the original pause, alas, the end date of May 2022 has been once again extended, now until August 31st, 2022. The odds are that repayment won't begin then either, in my humble opinion. … Continue reading The Great Student Loan Pause and Its Impacts

Latin America Trip: The Sequel

If you've been following this site for a while, you know that Whitney and I usually do a lot of international travel. Back in 2018, we decided that we wanted to spend at least 4 months out of the country each year following semi-retirement that year. I also decided to track my expenses on each … Continue reading Latin America Trip: The Sequel