Cashing Out Instead of Keeping Points for Credit Card Rewards during COVID-19

Covid-19 is continuing to take a massive toll on countries all over the world. In the US, lockdowns and restrictions are beginning to lift, but cases and fatalities are still increasing in much of the world, especially in the southern hemisphere. With things so uncertain right now, it's hard to predict when international travel will … Continue reading Cashing Out Instead of Keeping Points for Credit Card Rewards during COVID-19

EuroTrip 2019: The Final Itinerary

*by Whitney* It's hard to believe, but we leave for our trip to Europe tomorrow! It seems like we just got back from our 2018 Around The World Trip! We enjoyed our 5 months abroad so much last year, that we had already begun planning this year's trip before we even got back in the … Continue reading EuroTrip 2019: The Final Itinerary

Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist Turns 3!

A Look Back April 10th, 2016 is the day I published my first post on this blog. I was extremely excited to start writing and sharing my story with you guys. Watching the way the blog has grown has exceeded all of my expectations to this point. There are hundreds of new subscribers and followers … Continue reading Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist Turns 3!

Buying Discounted AirBnB Gift Cards

A few months ago, I wrote about how Whitney and I went about saving money on our accommodation expenses while traveling internationally. The tips I mentioned in that article were vital for me keeping my average expenses below $37/day while traveling on our trip around the world. We'll also be utilizing those same techniques on our … Continue reading Buying Discounted AirBnB Gift Cards