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In 2018 we started our new website, Travel Therapy Mentor, where we now write all of our Travel Therapy content! Check out that website for the most up to date information and education on travel therapy.

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Timeline of our Travel Assignments:

  • February-May 2019:
    • Our only assignment between our Around the World Trip & Our Europe Trip!

  • November 2019-February 2020:
    • Travel PT job in Goldsboro, NC
      • I did not end up writing a post about this assignment because, right when it ended, we were supposed to be headed to Latin America for 5 months. Instead, the pandemic hit. So, a lot of other things took precedence and I forgot to ever write this post. But I’ll summarize by saying we loved our time in Goldsboro even though it was a tiny town. We visited many friends and family on the weekends because we weren’t too far from home in VA & from friends we’ve made over the years in NC. My job was amazing, one on one outpatient clinic in a rural town with wonderful co-workers and patients!

  • October 2020-January 2021:
    • We worked PRN at home in Roanoke, Virginia consistently during this time because of the pandemic and uncertainty with traveling. Now, we still have our PRN jobs and return there periodically when we are home, sometimes for a few days, few weeks, or a month or more.