5 thoughts on “The Basics of Credit Card Sign-up Bonuses

  1. Just signed up for a credit card explicitly for the travel hacks and cash back! It’s not something I had ever done before, but after reading your and multiple other bloggers’ posts about the benefits (and very minor, if any, drawbacks), I decided to take the plunge. I got an Amex Gold/Delta Card which saved me 100 bucks on the flight I subsequently purchased, and will give me 30k bonus miles once I spend a little more (and immediately pay it off). I plan on canceling the card before the annual fee kicks in. Not a bad way to earn free money!

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    1. Awesome! What sign up bonus did you get on the Amex gold? There is an offer occasionally for 50,000/$1,000 spend that I got last year and the best I’ve seen on that card. If you are just getting into credit card rewards, I would definitely recommend chase freedom and chase sapphire preferred soon because chase has a rule where they will not approve you for their cards if you have 5 new cards in the past 24 months. Get those early before you aren’t able to anymore.


      1. It was a $100 statement credit for the first Delta purchase, plus 30k points with $1000 purchase in the first 3 months–since I was already planning to purchase that flight through Delta, it made sense to go with that card. And I’ve had a Chase Sapphire Preferred (now switched to the less-cool, non-metal Chase Sapphire Card that has no annual fee) and a Chase Freedom card since med school! I used the former to get lots of airline miles when traveling for residency interviews, and use the latter for my everyday purchases.

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      2. You’re not new to the rewards game then! I only had about 3 cashback cards through undergrad and most of grad school (Citi Forward, Chase Freedom, and Discover More) but I really kicked it up a notch since graduation last year. 18 new cards since April of last year including a lot of lucrative sign up bonuses. You’ve got a lot of good sign-up bonuses ahead of you if you choose to pursue them. I’ve recently been getting really lucky killing two birds with one stone by signing up for both a bank account and credit card at the same time and meeting my minimum spend on the credit card by funding the bank account. It’s not always possible but when it works out it’s awesome!


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