5 thoughts on “Free All Inclusive Caribbean Vacation With Credit Card Bonuses

    • Yeah that’s the way I look at it. I’m going to be spending the money on my normal expenses anyway so I might as well be working on a sign up bonus. I do monitor my credit score and it actually didn’t drop nearly as much as you would imagine. From April of last year to April of this year I was approved for around 20 cards and my credit score went from 785 to 760 and is already back up around 770 now. I wouldn’t have gone so crazy with the applications if I was planning on needing a loan for anything in the near future but since I won’t need any sort of loans for a while (if ever), I wasn’t worried about a drop in my score anyway. The benefits of the cards outweigh any hit in credit score by a large margin in my opinion. My girlfriend has signed up for about 8 cards in the past year and her score actually went up a few points.


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