Guest Post on the “FitBUX” Blog – 5 Ways To Reduce Expenses To Pay Off Student Debt Faster

Keeping my expenses low is one of the primary ways I’ve been able to build a significant net worth in such a short time after graduating from physical therapy school. I’ve written about some ways that I’ve done this in the past on my site but recently got the opportunity to write a guest post for FitBUX on my favorite tips for others to reduce expenses in order to pay down student debt more quickly!

FitBUX is a great service specializing in helping those with large student debt burdens consider all of their options and make the most informed choice as to how they will tackle the debt!

Check out my post on their site (link below):

5 Ways To Reduce Expenses To Pay Off Student Debt Faster

What do you think about my top 5 ways to reduce expenses? Are you using any of these already? Comment below or send me a message!

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