Travel PT: Moving Deeper into Southwest Virginia

-By Whitney- Timeline: Dec 2015-March 2016 So, as our second (or third for me) round of contracts were winding down, we again started looking for the next one. Have you gotten the theme yet? Working as a traveler really reminds me of being in school and going from one internship to the next. You think … Continue reading Travel PT: Moving Deeper into Southwest Virginia

Travel PT: Playing Musical Jobs

-By Whitney- Timeline: Sept 2015-Dec 2015 As I said in my last post about our first jobs, I was preparing to finish up with my first 13-week contract (a retirement community in Blacksburg, VA) and join Jared at his facility (a rural hospital in Pulaski, VA) working in the outpatient department. Jared was planning to extend … Continue reading Travel PT: Playing Musical Jobs

Travel PT: Our First Jobs

-By Whitney- Timeline: June 2015-Sept 2015 As I explained in my last post, my first travel PT job was at a large retirement community in Blacksburg, Virginia and Jared's first job was at a small hospital (acute care) in Pulaski, Virginia. Our jobs were about 45 mins apart, and we were staying at a furnished … Continue reading Travel PT: Our First Jobs