Travel PT: Playing Musical Jobs

-By Whitney- Timeline: Sept 2015-Dec 2015 As I said in my last post about our first jobs, I was preparing to finish up with my first 13-week contract (a retirement community in Blacksburg, VA) and join Jared at his facility (a rural hospital in Pulaski, VA) working in the outpatient department. Jared was planning to extend … Continue reading Travel PT: Playing Musical Jobs

Travel PT: Our First Jobs

-By Whitney- Timeline: June 2015-Sept 2015 As I explained in my last post, my first travel PT job was at a large retirement community in Blacksburg, Virginia and Jared's first job was at a small hospital (acute care) in Pulaski, Virginia. Our jobs were about 45 mins apart, and we were staying at a furnished … Continue reading Travel PT: Our First Jobs