Progress to Financial Independence- September 2017

I'm very late in posting my update this month with no real good excuse, but I'll throw some out anyway: I've been spending 5 days per week in the gym for the last two months trying to get back in shape. On average I'm spending about 2 hours there in the evenings after work between … Continue reading Progress to Financial Independence- September 2017

Travel PT: New England Adventures

-By Whitney- Timeline: March-September 2016 Our goal with moving to Massachusetts for work was to be able to explore the Northeast. We took full advantage of our nearly 6 months there and were able to see so much! Here's an overview of our many adventures:   MASSACHUSETTS: Campgrounds While in Massachusetts we lived at 2 … Continue reading Travel PT: New England Adventures

Travel PT: All Work & No Play?

- By Whitney - Sorry for the delay in posts on our Travel PT adventures -- we've been busy! 😉 Planning on getting caught up to the present over the next few weeks. Timeline: June 2015-March 2016 I've written a lot so far about the process of finding jobs & our experience at each job … Continue reading Travel PT: All Work & No Play?