3 thoughts on “Saving 100% of Work Income: Living on Side Hustles!

  1. What figure do you feel is “financial independence “ being 30 years old and have at least 50+ more years of life to live. If you no longer work, you will not be contributing to Medicare…so when you officially reach retirement age, you will not be getting much at all? You may not meet criteria of working so many years as well? Unless, you are financially sound that you do not need that supplemental income?

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    1. Good questions! Financial independence for me is 25x annual expenses saved and invested intelligently. I’m well past that point so don’t really need any additional income although I definitely expect to continue to make some in the future just from doing things I enjoy. In terms of Medicare and SS, I’m not counting on them at all in any of my projections but do have enough work credits that I should get a small amount at retirement age. I just look at that as a bonus if it does happen!


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