Live Interview with Chris Mamula: Co-Author of the New ChooseFI Book

In November, I had the pleasure of sitting down with physical therapist and early retiree Chris Mamula for a “Facebook Live” interview on the FifthWheelPT Facebook page. Chris is co-author of the new book, ChooseFI: Your Blueprint to Financial Independence, the primary writer on, and the author of a really great guest post on this website a couple of years ago.

In the interview, we talked about his path to financial independence as a outpatient physical therapist, which led to him retiring at the very young age of 41 years old. We also discussed the process of writing his book, as well as his life after reaching financial independence and leaving the traditional working world. This was an awesome interview that I think anyone either on the path to FIRE, currently working as a physical therapist, or a combination of the two will get a lot of value from.

Check out the full video interview here, and don’t forget to follow the Facebook page for future interviews! Also be sure to check out Chris’s book, which is my now my favorite personal finance/financial independence book of all time!

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