Eurotrip 2019 Update and Expenses: Spain (Seville, Granada, Valencia, and Barcelona)

If you haven’t read any of the prior expense reports from our trip, check them out below:

On this leg of the trip, we returned to Spain but this time for much longer. Whitney’s mom met us in Spain as well! Spain had some big shoes to fill after our amazing 15 days in Portugal immediately before. We were sad to leave Portugal and can’t wait to go back, but we were excited to see what some other cities in Spain had to offer. We had a lot of fun in Spain, with my personal favorite cities being Granada and Barcelona. We spent a total of 14 days/nights in Spain between the four cities, broken down as follows:

  • 4 days/nights in Seville
  • 3 days/nights in Granada
  • 3 days/nights in Valencia
  • 4 days/nights in Barcelona

The weather was perfect throughout our time in Spain, with each day being sunny and still not a drop of rain to this point of the trip!

Stay tuned for Whitney’s next post about all of our adventures on this part of the trip, but for now I’ll focus on the expenses incurred while traveling through Spain. Keep in mind that all of the expenses that I’ll talk about below are my expenses only, since Whitney and I have quite different spending habits. We split all shared expenses evenly, so I calculate the numbers below with my half of the shared expenses and then my individual expenses.

Accommodations: We stayed at various reasonably priced Airbnb’s (this is my referral link which you can use to get $55 off of your first stay!) in each place in Spain. With Whitney’s mom traveling with us, all of our accommodations were two bedroom apartments. Even though they were more expensive, splitting them between three people meant that the cost was pretty close to what we’re used to paying for just the two of us. It was also very convenient having a full kitchen to ourselves in each place, which we took full advantage of to save some money on food by cooking occasionally. The apartments we stayed in varied significantly, with some being more spacious or in better locations, but in the end all of them were just fine for our 3-4 night stays. Our favorite housing situation was in Barcelona, and our least favorite was probably in Seville where the neighborhood seemed pretty sketchy, although we didn’t have any issues at all.

Our most expensive lodging was in Barcelona where my part of the cost was $25/night, and the cheapest was in Valencia where my cost was only $15/night. Overall, all of our housing costs in Spain were very affordable especially considering these were whole two bedroom apartments that we were staying in!

  • Total for my expenses: $264

Food and drink: As I mentioned above, having a full kitchen to ourselves to cook some meals was very helpful in keeping food and drink costs reasonable. We tried to eat at least one meal per day at home with food we got from the grocery store, which we stuck to pretty well. We utilized Google maps and Yelp heavily to find lower cost restaurants that had good reviews, which can be very helpful in some situations. We ate a lot of delicious meals both at restaurants and home cooked! We tried to drink less alcohol than we did in Portugal, because-everything in moderation- but, we did try some local beer, wine, sangria, and Spanish Vermouth.

  • Total for my expenses: $178

Transportation: To get from city to city in Spain, we took buses and trains. We looked into flights for some of the longer journeys, but they were all pretty expensive and didn’t seem worth the cost. Train travel was more expensive than buses, but having more room and being able to go to the bathroom during the trip if needed was nice. The big downside of the two trains we took (from Granada to Valencia, and from Valencia to Barcelona) was that they didn’t have WiFi. Whitney and I weren’t able to work on the websites like we normally would on travel days, which meant we got a behind, but I did listen to several good audiobooks.

While in the cities, we took advantage of subways and buses to get around, as well as tons of walking of course. Whitney’s mom said she walked more while in Spain than any other time in her life! We averaged about 6-8 miles per day walking throughout, with a couple days where we were more lazy and only walked a few miles, but a few days where we walked 10-13! Public transportation was more expensive in Spain than in Portugal, but still reasonable and easy to navigate. Google maps really is a life saver for getting from place to place on public transportation we have found!

  • Total for my expenses: $153

Activities: We did “free” walking tours in every city that we visited in Spain, even two different ones in Granada, which taught us a lot about the history of the cities and Spain in general. We really enjoy these tours, and after over a dozen of them in various cities, we haven’t had any bad experiences with them. We usually tip the guide between 5-10 euros/person each time, which makes the tours well worth the cost for us. We paid to go in the Alcazar in Seville which was amazing to see. We took advantage of free museums when available in each city, which are always a great way to learn about the history of the cities. In Barcelona we also visited a museum and saw Roman ruins from the original city a couple thousands years ago, which was amazing.

  • Total for my expenses: $44

My total expenses for 14 days and 14 nights in Spain including accommodations, transportation, activities, and food were approximately $639!

Running total for entire trip to this point (my expenses only): $1,447 ($47/day average)!

We had a great time in Spain and Portugal during the first month of our trip! Portugal was our favorite of the two, but we really loved both countries. Next we headed to France, and the trajectory of the trip changed a lot with us spending less time in each country from here on out.

Stay tuned for our next posts about France! Keep an eye on the Facebook page where we are posting much more frequently about the trip including our favorite pictures!

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