Guest Post on the “Eat The Financial Elephant” Blog

I recently had the honor of writing a guest post for Mr. and Mrs. Elephant Eater over at “Eat the Financial Elephant.” When I first found their blog, I was amazed at how similar Mr. Elephant Eater and I are, all the way down to our careers. He’s a physical therapist and personal finance nerd like myself. I encourage you guys to check out the post, which is primarily about my plan to achieve financial independence in less than five years, as well as some of the other great posts on their blog. Here’s the link. 

2 thoughts on “Guest Post on the “Eat The Financial Elephant” Blog

    1. Thanks! All I did was send a message with a little about my story and potential value that I could offer through a guest post. In this case, we have a lot in common so it was easy to connect but that isn’t always how it works. Don’t be afraid to just send an email. The worst they can say is no and all you lost was the time it took you to type it. Undoubtedly, someone will give you a chance if you are able to create content that will appeal to their audience.


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