Progress to Financial Independence- December 2016

I’m late on posting this but it’s been a busy month. We were out of town almost every weekend in December. We visited Asheboro, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Savannah, and went home for Christmas. We had the day after Christmas off of work so we got to spend a long weekend at home which was very nice. We spent another three day weekend for New Year’s Eve in Savannah, and stayed at the awesome Hyatt Regency Savannah for free using credit card points. This was a beautiful hotel in a prime location in historic downtown Savannah right on River Street which was definitely worth the points.

Despite the trips, personal property taxes, and car repairs, I was still able to surpass my savings goal for this month. This is mostly due to there being five paychecks in the month of December. My net worth was boosted by another month of high market returns despite overvalued equities.

At this point I am on track to reach financial independence in July, 2020 which is only three and a half years away! Whitney and I are still on the fence about what exactly we will do or where we will settle down once I reach FI and we finish our travel PT journey. Since we are so used to changing locations every few months, we have discussed “slow traveling” Go Curry Cracker style and spending at least a few months living in southeast Asia. Speaking of changing locations, we finished up our contracts in Fayetteville, NC yesterday and will be moving to Morehead City, NC tomorrow to begin our new jobs Monday morning! We’re very excited about this move and can’t wait to spend a few months at the beach… even if it is during winter. Another advantage of the new contracts is a higher pay rate which will help me with my savings goal each month.

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