Progress to Financial Independence- June 2016

I’m a little late writing this post, but June is over already and my finances are still right on track. We took a lot less weekend trips this month, so I was able to save some extra money as well.

During June we moved to a new campground in the same area in Massachusetts. It is not nearly as nice as the KOA we left, but it has been fine so far, and it was really our only option. My expenses increased with the new campground, but only by about $20/month, so not a big deal at all. This month we also finalized plans for a trip to Jamaica! This would normally be a big expense as well, but because of some great credit card sign up bonuses, it is going to be almost completely free. Round trip flights paid for using miles and 6 nights at all inclusive resorts paid for with points. I plan to write a post about exactly which cards I signed up for and how I went about booking this trip in the future.

This month I got a an extra few hundred dollars from bank account and brokerage account sign up bonuses. $100 for signing up for a Motif Investing account which I wrote about here, and $150 for signing up for an Amalgamated bank account which I may write a post about in the future.

I have now been working full time for a year since finishing school. The time really flew by, but it was filled with a lot of learning and adventure. In addition, this first year was very good to me financially. At this point my total savings are equal to five times my yearly expenses. This is exciting for me to think about in case I ever needed to take some time off of work.

September 2020 is still the projected month of financial independence based on my calculations, but I am quickly closing in on August due to overshooting my savings goal the past two months. July should be a good month as well because five Fridays in the month means five pay days! We are planning to take more trips in July though because we only have seven more weeks in the Northeast. I’ll do my best to keep spending under control on these trips to stay on track. We’ll see how it goes!

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