Back to Traveling Internationally: 2021 Mexico Adventure

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a year and a half since we were last traveling internationally during our 2019 Europe Trip. We have been anxious to get back outside of the US since our five month trip all over Latin America was cancelled in early 2020.

We’ve been very cautious for the past year due to Covid and avoided not only international flights but any flights at all. We spent most of the year staying low key at home in Virginia, focused on staying healthy, catching up with family and friends, working for a few months part time as PTs, and working on our online business endeavors. We did fortunately get to take an amazing cross-country US road trip in late 2020 which helped with the travel bug!

At the beginning of January 2021 as vaccines rolled out, we decided that we were comfortable dipping our toes back into international travel, but we didn’t want to travel very far away or to anywhere that could be crowded. After some contemplation, we decided that some of the beach towns in Mexico would be a good choice. We heard from some friends who had traveled to Mexico in the past few months that the tourist towns on the coasts were following Covid precautions well and were pretty empty. After a couple months of cold winter weather in Virginia– warm weather, beaches, and being able to avoid crowds sounded wonderful!

We decided on traveling for two months in Mexico, planning on spending about a week or two in a variety of different tourist towns along the coasts. After the nightmare of having an entire three months of our Latin America trip booked (flights, hotels, and Airbnbs) and then having to cancel all of it due to Covid, we decided that we would just take this trip one week at a time in case anything changed while we were traveling and we had to cut it short.

Our plans for these two months in Mexico include: working remotely on our online business, relaxing and enjoying the good weather, working on our Spanish and getting to know Mexico a little better, and hopefully continuing to focus on our mental and physical health! As most of you know but some may not, we do not work internationally as physical therapists and will not be working in that capacity in Mexico.

We are looking forward to the next two months in Mexico, and we hope that this will only be the start to venturing back into international travel in 2021. We are going to stay more flexible in our travel plans this year and see what happens. We hope that borders will open up more as the year goes on and we can travel to some other locations as well. But for now, we will see how this trip in Mexico goes!

Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages for frequent updates, photos, and videos during our time in Mexico. I will still be tracking all of my expenses during this trip and plan to write financial update posts on the blog as we move throughout the trip!

Have you traveled to Mexico before? If so, what are some of your favorite locations?

Have you done any international travel yet since Covid? Do you have any international plans for later in 2021?

Let us know about your experiences in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Back to Traveling Internationally: 2021 Mexico Adventure

  1. Hello Whitney and Jared! We had our first slow travel out in Oaxaca Mexico. We had the best time during the month we were there. The cost of living is low, so our travel budget allowed us to live there comfortably. We travelled in April 2021; everyone is really watching out for each other. All the infection precautions are observed even in the local shops and markets. It would be nice if you all could give it a shot! We are researching other Spanish speaking countries to improve our Spanish a bit more. Helps a lot when you get patients who speak the language. Awesome content! You are helping our fellow clinicians so much!

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    1. That sounds like a great place! We really enjoyed Mexico and would like to explore more of the country as well as a lot of other Latin American countries next year if possible. We can’t wait until international travel is back in full swing. Thank you for the kind words!


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