Fifth Wheel Physical Therapist: We’re Selling Our Camper and Truck!

Big Announcement:

We are selling our fifth wheel travel trailer and truck!

camper truck

This has been a decision we’ve been thinking about for a while, and we’re finally ready to make the move. We have had our fifth wheel and truck since December 2015. We traveled and lived full time in the camper for 2.5 years while working as traveling physical therapists. Now that we are transitioning into working only part of the year as travel PT’s, while traveling internationally for several months of the year, we are no longer going to be using the camper as much. We have decided that rather than keep the camper in storage and leave the truck sitting for many months out of the year, we are ready to sell them and move on to our next chapter.

This has caused a bit of an identity crisis for us with this blog. “Should we change the name?,” we’ve thought. But we figure that we will keep the name the same, as it’s a big part of our story. Living the camper life was an awesome experience for us, even though it had its ups and downs at times!

The biggest highlight of living in the camper was that it was our first “home” together. We really enjoyed having our own little space. It made traveling to new cities and states easier because we always came home to the same surroundings. It also made the process of finding housing and moving for work a lot easier logistically. We met some great people at the campgrounds, and got to learn the RVing lifestyle. Living in the camper helped us to be more minimalistic and learn to live in a smaller space. We learned so much during our time in the camper and have some amazing stories.

There were also some struggles during our time as full time RVers. We endured 3 winters in the camper in Virginia and North Carolina, which meant lots of times with frozen water and some chilly nights. We had numerous things break that needed repair, some small repairs we could do ourselves and others we had to call on friends for or take the camper in to the experts. But these hurdles helped us grow individually and as a couple, and we would still go back and do it all over again.

Now that we’ve made this decision, it’s time to find someone to buy our truck and camper from us! Ideally we would like to sell them both together, but we will definitely sell them separately if needed.

We’ll list some specifics about the fifth wheel and truck below. If anyone is interested in buying the truck or camper, know someone who might be, or would like more details, please send us a message!


Location: Roanoke, Virginia (or surrounding areas)

Truck: 2005 Ford F-250, 4-door extended cab, extended bed, Diesel engine, with fifth wheel hitch installed in bed, 110,000 miles

Camper: 2009 Coachmen Chapparal 278DS fifth wheel travel trailer, 32ft long, 2 slide outs (living room and bedroom)

Asking Price: $26,000 ($12,000 for camper alone, $14,000 for truck alone)





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