Travel PT: All Work & No Play?

- By Whitney - Sorry for the delay in posts on our Travel PT adventures -- we've been busy! 😉 Planning on getting caught up to the present over the next few weeks. Timeline: June 2015-March 2016 I've written a lot so far about the process of finding jobs & our experience at each job … Continue reading Travel PT: All Work & No Play?


The Importance of Asset Allocation

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed financial advisor, and the information in this article is not meant to be individualized financial advice. Everyone's situation is different, so if you are unsure about what to do with your funds, please seek an advisor that can consider your own individual case and make recommendations to you. When … Continue reading The Importance of Asset Allocation

Progress to Financial Independence- September 2016

September ended up being even worse than I had anticipated with regards to my financial situation. I knew that I would be missing out on two weeks of pay, from spending a week at home and then going on vacation. I also knew that I would only be getting partial pay for another two weeks, due … Continue reading Progress to Financial Independence- September 2016